Advisor, planning and development

January 14, 2020

Under the supervision of a department head of the Planning and Development Department, the planning and development adviser coordinates, manages, analyzes and plans all activities related to transport development and planning projects. people in the territory of the Company.

It develops and maintains privileged links at the technical level with the municipality, the Quebec Ministry of Transport, the Regional Authority for Metropolitan Transport (ARTM) and other organizations of public transport to promote the development of the network.

Details of responsibilities:

Plans, performs, analyzes and monitors projects relating to:

  • demand (traffic forecast)
  • service offer
  • network performance
  • development of new technologies
  • planning transport infrastructure
  • deploying universal accessibility
  • integration of modes of transport

Performs various research, analyzes and literature reviews in order to:

  • to increase the modal share of public transport
  • to develop new services
  • to develop new methods of evaluating costs and benefits
  • of set up procedures for origin-destination investigations
  • develop guides and policies related to the service

Ensures a supervisory role with the personnel who is assigned;

Participate in the development of strategies for the development and planning of the network of the Company;

Participate in various technical studies and make recommendations;

Participates and represents the Company on various committees relating to development and planning projects;

Assumes an advisory role during specific projects emanating from ant other directions.


  • Bachelor's degree in transport logistics, planning and urban planning, engineering or other field related to transport;
  • Masters in a field related to transportation, an asset;
  • Three to five years of relevant experience in public transit development;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  • >

  • Knowledge of the English language;
  • Knowledge of transport modeling, an asset;
  • Knowledge of HASTUS software, an asset;
  • Knowledge of Origin-Destination surveys of the greater Montreal region, an asset;
  • Knowledge of GIS tools, an asset (ArcGIS, Mapinfo…);
  • Autonomy, initiative and spirit of team;
  • Organizational skills, analytical mind, good judgment;
  • Ability to handle several files simultaneously;
  • Essential confidentiality;
  • >

  • Good mastery of out they computer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet).

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