Apprentice Body Repairer

November 14, 2019

Under the supervision of a foreman, the contractor carries out minor demolition work on damaged or repaired buses in collaboration with the body repairers.

Details of responsibilities:

  1. Removes and installs body parts on damaged or repaired buses (minor work);
  2. Repairs reusable body parts and reinstalls them on the vehicle;
  3. Takes notes of the parts used during bus repairs and the time required for repair and reports to his supervisor;
  4. Ensures that the work and the premises are safe;
  5. Occasionally removes mechanical or electrical components that could interfere with the body work and reinstalls them;
  6. Soda parts, by electrical or gas process;
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  8. Performs, upon request, any other e related.


  • Secondary V
  • DEP in bodywork

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