Assembler ($ 21.26) Permanent position / evening shift (day training period 7 am to 4 pm)

July 24, 2019

Reason for being:

As an assembler you will have to assemble truck components of all kinds on an assembly line using tools (pneumatic or otherwise) according to the specifications of each of the trucks according to the characteristics defined by each of them. customers.

Tasks and responsibilities:

– Consult drawings and other technical diagrams; – Bolt, screw, tighten parts and components of trucks, using tools or equipment, manual or mechanical ; – Connect the cables, tubes and wires to complete the assembly and installation; – Position and install parts, subassemblies and accessories, such as motors, transmissions, door panels and instrument panels, using equipment and equipment. hand or power tools, test and measurement equipment, or others, including winches; – Install and adjust doors, hoods, etc.

Technical skills:

Have a high school diploma or equivalent. Having assembly experience would be considered an asset.

Required qualifications:

Be dynamic and motivated; Have very good manual skills; Possess skills to handle tools; Be willing to work in a stationary position for a long period of time; Good communication and teamwork skills; Logical sense of mechanics; Ability to read blueprints; Control the use of pneumatic tools. / p>

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