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June 21, 2022

Specialist in telecommunications and manufacture of steel structures for over 35 years a general entrepreneur specializing in the telecommunications infrastructure , founded in the early 1970s , Captel has been able to forge a brand image, with its qualified personnel , by carrying out several diversified projects in both steel manufacturing as in installation and start -up of telecommunications equipment.

The post holder operates different CNC machines for the production of steel parts. He must meet occupational health and safety standards as well as the company's policies and procedures. main responsibilities

  • Prepare and make CNC machines to perform tasks such as drilling, sawing, identification, etc. > Understand the specifications of the task to be accomplished and the desired result by reading plans, workshop drawings, etc. function correctly;
  • Prepare and load the raw materials and parts on the machines;
  • If required, prepare a test to check whether the machines produce results in accordance with specifications;
  • Adjust the machines to complete complete cycles to make a large number of parts
  • Supervise machines While they perform the tasks and make the necessary adjustments to produce a better result;
  • Inspect and measure the finished products and compare them with the requirements to determine if the process has been completed;
  • Create the processors posts using the system in place of each of the machines.
  • Participate in the improvement of working methods.
  • jointly with the foreman, S ' Ensure maintenance of machines.
  • Check and maintain the machines every day to ensure the functionality
  • Evaluate work-machine to perform a task.
  • Solidate error messages.
  • Other related tasks.

Skills sought

  • Time management and priorities
  • Health and safety oriented
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility/versatility
  • work
  • Sense of analysis

Qualifications required

  • Secondary studies diploma
  • 6 months experience in a related field
  • Knowledge of the different tools used In a factory
  • Knowledge and skill in computer science
  • Interest in repetitive work.


  • Full time
  • permanent
  • 40 Hours schedule
  • SEO of employees
  • Time bank available
  • $ 285 per year of allowance for work boots
  • half -rate remuneration after 40 hours
  • 4% Holidays on each pay
  • 6% vacation on each pay after 3 years of seniority
  • 8% vacation on each pay after 10 years of seniority
  • Holiday remuneration on each pay, therefore access to unemployment benefits in addition to the holidays


  • Access to a complete dining room
  • Collective insurance after 3 months of old NNETé paid at 25% by the employer
  • Gymnase in company from September 2022
  • Social committee with some activities per year(Christmas party, sugar hut, hockey tickets, golf tournament, etc.)

work/family conciliation

  • Monday to Friday to Friday
  • Possibility of 40 -hour weekdays in 4 days
  • Possibility of summer schedule or 9 days of 9 am and 4 hours worked on Friday to finish at 10:30 am
  • Mobile leave of 2 days after 3 months of seniority
  • 4 weeks of holidays per year
  • On -site parking

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