Designer – Manufacturing tests

October 17, 2019


The Manufacturing Tests team is looking for a tests designer in electronics and / or software design to help to develop and to improve innovative testing solutions. This work experience is a great opportunity to participate in the development of products at the cutting edge of the technology and to work alongside the manufacturing section of the development of a product. The team is looking for a dynamic, autonomous and passionate person who can provide a new contribution to a group of experienced designers.

To do-tasks:

  • Develop innovative testing approaches as part of the company's testing strategies to increase design efficiency and continuous improvement of production testing (functional and pre-functional);
  • Cooperate with the engineering team, the operations group, the production teams and the manufacturing subcontractors to improve strategies and products testing of the company;
  • Participate in writing specifications defining products testing strategies, including functional and pre-functional testing;
  • Write test procedures and validation procedures necessary to release the test programs of the products;
  • Improve the current test infrastructure for growth and development (AWS servers and databases);
  • Develop user interfaces with test servers and databases to provide relevant information for real-time management of the manufacturing test infrastructure dispersed across different continents;
  • Participate in the elaboration of the design schedule for assigned projects, be responsible for test deliverables, and track this timeline;
  • Provide support to local production and to manufacturing subcontractors by solving problems involving test solutions;
  • Participate in project review and monitoring meetings as a member of project teams;
  • Collaborate in the bring-up stage of the product design by providing the required debugging and diagnostic tools;
  • Any other related tasks depending on the expertise of the candidate.


Education: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience;

Specialization: Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering;

Experience: Ideally, 1 to 5 years in manufacturing tests for electronic products;

Required Knowledge:

  • Linux and Windows operating systems;
  • Software development, PCs architecture, Databases (DynamoDB and SQL);

Programming languages:

  • Python, C++, HTML/CSS (Web page), PHP, BASH MySQL;


  • Knowledge of TestStand (National Instruments);
  • Experience in AWS server management;
  • Experience in pre-functional and functional tests strategy;


  • Excellent team player, customer oriented, contributes to a constructive and positive working environment;
  • Resourceful, proactive, great adaptability, good communication skills;

Languages: Bilingual (English and French) written and spoken.

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