November 19, 2020

Under the supervision of the Foreman, Infrastructures, the incumbent performs, in accordance with the rules of the trade, the operationalization in degraded mode, the maintenance and verification work on the charging stations and the related electrical system.

It also performs installation, maintenance, verification and repair work on the electrical distribution networks, switchgear, electrical equipment and the installations of STL buildings.

Details of responsibilities:

  • Perform daily checks (continuity, current, voltage, loads and resistance) on equipment, charging infrastructure, electrical rooms;
  • Directs, in degraded mode, the operations of connection and disconnection of electric buses according to recharging needs and manual recharging plans;
  • Interprets the prescriptions of the electricity code and ensures the compliance;
  • Participate in continuous improvement of the electrical system relating to the management of electrical terminals;
  • Maneuvers on circuit breakers for the lockout of distribution panels, electrical substations, isolation switches, charging stations;
  • Diagnoses electrical failures and alarm problems and recommend actions to be taken;
  • Wires all electrical appliances, devices, circuits, of any voltage;
  • Performs the preventive maintenance program ;
  • Performs preventive maintenance and repair work on:
    • Machinery and equipment necessary for the 'bus maintenance;
    • Heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment;
    • Pneumatic equipment;
    • Electrical equipment and lighting systems ;
    • Intercom and fire alarm systems;
  • Acts as technical representative of the Infrastructure department on various projects at the request of foremen:
    • By participating in the development of technical requirements;
    • By ensuring the application and compliance with these requirements during the progress of the project;
    • By ensuring that the documents issued meet and are classified according to the established criteria;
  • Support certain suppliers, mandated by foremen, to monitor electrical work and ensure compliance with health and safety standards;
  • Acts at all times in accordance with trade rules and applies health and safety rules, procedures and standards at work;
  • Perform any other related task.

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