August 24, 2020

Who is Syscomax?

We are a major general contractor working in the construction industry for three decades now. Thanks to the versatility of our team of more than 60 employees, we innovatively design complex and avant-garde buildings.

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We have built a workplace where you really have the opportunity to make a difference and grow professionally. We value continuous improvement and attach great importance to the well-being of our clan members!


Reporting to Director of the estimate, the estimator will be in charge of:

  • Receive the preliminary plans and make a summary analysis with the professionals holding the initial information of the project;
  • Work closely with the sales department and the client for the analysis and understanding of the needs;
  • Establish a list of subcontractors to be invited to bid;
  • Write and prepare the estimate;
  • Write and coordinate the table of electromechanical loads;
  • Evaluate the quantities required for each of the specialties;
  • Follow up with the sales department and subcontractors for each modification or addendum affecting the project;
  • Coordinate with all subcontractors specializing in mechanics / el electric;
  • Make changes to the plans, when applicable, and send them to the architect so that the latter validates everything according to municipal regulations and the National Building Code in force;
  • Ensure that the modifications to the drawings have been made before the closing date;
  • Receive and analyze the prices of the subcontractors;
  • Prepare the comparative spreadsheet of the prices of the sub -contractors;
  • Prepare the summary table of the project, including the descriptions and applicable amounts for the separate prices;
  • Close and analyze the project file with the Director of the estimate ;
  • Send the submission file to the Project Manager and confirm the granting of mandates to the various subcontractors, once the contract has been obtained.

Your personality:

You are motivated, responsible, persevering, honest and results-oriented.

Why be part of the great Syscom family ax?

  • High growth company
  • Career-oriented development within the company
  • Continuing education
  • Evolution within a company that recognizes the contribution of its employees and celebrates their accomplishments
  • Turnkey / design-built stimulating projects
  • Competitive remuneration
  • Family and collaborative atmosphere
  • Modern and bright offices
  • Social and team building activities
  • 4 weeks of holidays
  • Free training room on site
  • Flexibility allowing work / life balance

So, are we compatible ?

If so, contact us: we can't wait to meet you! Apply at: or call 450 434-0008.

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