Final Assembly (CV Bank)

June 18, 2019

Job Description:

Falling within the Team Leader of the Production Department, the post holder assembles a wide range of electronic components and subassemblies, in order to obtain the final product. The person uses diagrams, lists and work instructions to assemble the units.


  • Carry out a wide range of electronic assembly operations on components and/or assemblies.
  • Follow the work instructions of the tasks which need to be carried out, to assemble the final product.
  • Install, repair electronic components.
  • Carry out intermediate assembly tasks such as sanding, cleaning, bonding with epoxy or curing agent.
  • Maintain and keep the workspace clean, safe and healthy.
  • Respect health and safety rules - mandatory to wear the required safety equipment and use the protective equipment installed on the tools.
  • Respect quality norms that have been established.
  • Have knowledge on the working methods and follow the established working procedures.


  • Ablility to read, understand and follow work instructions, technical drawings, assembly notes and component lists.
  • Speed and precision while doing the work that revolves around quality and good manual dexterity.
  • Good visual attention.
  • Good understanding of (French-English).

Sought-after qualities:

  • Initiative taker, rigorous and meticulous
  • Self-sufficient and sense of accountability
  • Sincere, organized and detail oriented
  • Analytical ability
  • Multi-tasker, flexible and dynamic
  • Proactive, capacity to manage priority changes
  • Capable of working under pressure with tight deadlines
  • Team player
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