Foreman senior logistics night

September 22, 2021

We recruit for our major actor client in its sector a Senior Logistics foreman at night.

You are under the responsibility of the chief of the quarter, responsible for planning, organization and the organization. control of all activities related to your sector of activity. You work in collaboration with your colleagues from other sectors to ensure an effective operation of the operations in the distribution center. You have the mission of managing operations in your sector. working and supervising staff. Moreover, you perform regular checks regarding staff activities, c OUFd the continuity of operations and planning objectives with the next succession operations.

Also, do you make sure that employees get the required training and necessary to ensure An effective operation of the operations and you propose solutions to improve the efficiency of your sector finally, you ensure the leadership of communications with the staff and you e ncourage teamwork. This is the reason for laciell We are looking for a candidate from DEC training or with at least 3 years of experience in a similar, recent and significant position. A professional experience of 5 to 7 years is required for this position. You have a real sense of organization in the management of a team and a warehouse. You are good communicating, listening, available and rigorous. A real experience in management is expected. The remuneration is established between $ 55,000 and $ 72,000 in profile The position is quickly filled in night schedules (23h00-7h00) and located on the south shore of Montreal.

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