Inspection Technician - Electrical

October 21, 2021

In the test zonde manager, the inspection technician provides quality control by performing the complete tests of the panels made according to the plans, quotations, standards and other specifications provided.

Panel quality;

  • performs all the quality controls prescribed by the quality management program;
  • Work-in close collaboration with the stakeholders of his department;
  • ensures that the work done is done according to established and safe methods. (Standards, Quality, ISO, SST);
  • documents quality standards;
  • validates the uniformity of the panels and evaluates the quality of the work of his colleagues.

test and tests;

  • controls the standards of the electrical code, CSA, ul;
  • checks the conformity of the plans and detects design anomalies, if any;
  • checks the elements and wiring to ensure that there is neither short-cicuit nor leaks to earth
  • performs the required tests;
  • checks and adjusts the protective elements;
  • sets the contact, operates the components according to the procedure to follow in order to Check operation;
  • identifies problems, resolves or determines the best resource for solving them.

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