Mechanic class 2

October 17, 2019

Under the supervision of a foreman, the holder carries out repairs and maintenance of the vehicles. As such, he applies the various maintenance and inspection programs. In addition, he provides a roadside service for accident or defective STL vehicles and decides on the spot. action to be taken.

  1. Repairs, fixes and / or adjusts minor mechanical components such as brakes, rocket clevises, struts, etc.
  2. Apply the inspection and preventive maintenance program for vehicles such as oil and filter changes, greasing, etc.
  3. Diagnoses the repairs to be made and controls the quality through road tests (before and after),
  4. Checks the heating systems and makes the other adjustments. point to prepare the vehicles for the winter;
  5. Carries out the repairs stipulated in the work orders and completes the report according to the work carried out;
  6. Performs welding on certain parts
  7. Performs, upon request, any other related tasks.

Requirements :

  • Hold a high school diploma V
  • Hold a DEP in heavy vehicle mechanics
  • Hold a valid driver's license (class 5)
  • Own 2 years or more relevant experience

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