Process and quality technician

June 27, 2019

*** 1 evening and 1 night shift *** The technician Process & amp; Quality will have responsibilities to meet the standards of efficiency of productivity, to control and ensure the quality of the raw materials (chemical, steel, rockwool), to maintain and improve the quality of finished products, to support and follow the 5S of the production line and laboratory and to enforce and respect OHS policies.


  • Support managers with technical problems on the production line;
  • Qualify operators following their training;
  • Track shift changes between Technicians and Managers;
  • Validate certificates of analysis of the products received;
  • Do the quality tests of the chemicals received;
  • Unload chemical materials (pentane, Iso, Polyol);
  • Make floor tours and production release validation;
  • Perform compression / tear tests on finished products;
  • Validate the dimensional and visual of the products in progress and finished;
  • Track test results performed by production line employees;
  • Track quality alerts;
  • Audit 5S posts;
  • Apply 5S to the laboratory;
  • Perform SST audits (as required);
  • Participate in the OHS Committee (if needed).


Training / experience

  • DEC in a following areas: Chemical, mechanical, industrial, quality;
  • 2 years of factory experience related to one of these areas;
  • Ability to handle heavy objects.

Knowledge required

  • Knowledge of the MS Office suite;
  • Knowledge of MSDS, WHMIS, 5S, Kaizen, Metrology.

Technical and Professional Skills

  • Able to use a measuring tape, a vernier, a micrometer, a spectrophotometer, a scale

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