Service Technician - Electromechanic

May 07, 2019

Do you have an interest in electromechanics? You are skilled and good at mechanics, electrical and computer related automation? Do you like challenges? Do you like to evolve in a dynamic and growing company and have a lot of autonomy? If you answered yes to many of these questions, you are the ideal candidate for this opportunity!

Under the responsibility of the Branch Manager, the incumbent will be primarily responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of paint mixing and staining equipment specific to the paint industry and related pumps. to the application of the painting. To do this, the technician - electromechanic will have to work as much in the workshop as on the road to answer the calls of service of our customers. More specifically, the incumbent will have the following responsibilities:

· Preparation of new and / or used equipment for delivery and installation to customers;

· Installation of new and / or used equipment at customers' sites;

· Dismantling and recovering equipment from customers;

· Preventive maintenance of equipment in the workshop and / or at the customer's premises;

· Inspection and analysis of equipment to detect the causes of problems / breakage in the workshop or at the customers;

· Disassembly, cleaning, recovery and reassembly of used and / or refurbished equipment;

· Preparation and rifle painting of some pieces;

· Repair, adjustments and tests necessary for the proper functioning of the equipment whether in the workshop or at the customers;

· Calibration of mixing and coloring equipment as well as application / spraying of paint, whether mechanical, electrical and / or computer;

· Inspection of used equipment to establish the refurbishment plan, where possible, including an estimate of the completion time of the work;

· In collaboration with the branch manager, manage priorities based on client requests;

· In collaboration with the branch manager, ensure that an adequate inventory of parts is maintained;

· Maintain an organized, clean and work-focused work environment at the shop floor as well as the service truck.

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