Shipper Receiver

September 17, 2019

Reporting to the Director of Operations, the incumbent organizes, supervises and controls the activities of the Receiving and Shipping Department to ensure quality service. It must ensure good management of staff and ensure compliance with the structure, policies and procedures and the cleanliness of the warehouse.


  • Feeds the floor with material
  • Make the choice of material for the end of production according to the data transmitted by the computer system or according to the disposition logic of the equipment in inventory
  • Receives and delivers equipment, loads and unloads trucks according to carrier instructions
  • Pack orders properly
  • Perform a visual check of received material
  • Moves heavy equipment and large volume / overhead crane
  • Store equipment in designated locations
  • Ensures the proper functioning of the equipment used (gas forklift trucks and battery / oil level check / crane hoist, etc.)
  • Ensures appointments for vendor delivery
  • Check warehouse receipt and issue
  • Controls the compliance of receptions and shipments
  • Issues a daily return report for damaged or non-compliant goods
  • Regulate the problems of daily emergencies related to the transportation of goods
  • Track and control inventory
  • Complies with CNESST requirements and internal control procedures
  • See to the cleanliness of the working environment
  • Collaborate with customer service department (respond to requests)
  • Provides link to purchases and billing
  • Provide adequate supervision of staff under their charge
  • Assign tasks of order and shipping related personnel
  • Complete daily report during accident / work incident
  • Complete a return report if the goods are damaged or non-compliant
  • Provide the link to the person responsible for the credits when returning merchandise.


  • Secondary V
  • Driver Course
  • Be able to lift loads of up to 50 lbs
  • Experience in a similar position
  • Manual skills
  • Team spirit
  • Autonomy and initiative

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