Superintendent - Municipal Buildings

March 24, 2021

Nature of the use

Under the responsibility of the Deputy Director of Public Works, the person holding, organizes, directs and controls the operational activities of the unit responsible for municipal buildings and related operations. It manages the maintenance and repair of the buildings and places belonging to the city, including their repair and maintenance as well as minor construction projects. It acts as a representative of the owner regarding the mechanics of the building. In addition, it participates in the preparation of its annual budget of its unit, ensures its implementation, controls costs and recommends effective solutions. . It manages the human, financial, material and informational resources of its unity in accordance with the rules, standards, regulations and collective agreements in force. It must work closely with other service managers to optimize the performance of day-to-day operations.

Key responsibilities

  1. determines in collaboration with its superior, the guidelines, the objectives and the priorities of its unit according to the mission of the service;
  2. sees the formation of its staff, ensures that the working methods are understood and that the use of any equipment is adequate in accordance with the standards of the CNESST;
  3. ensures the safety of employees by monitoring their working methods and plans the hand d the work needed to carry out the various works;
  4. works closely with the directors of the services to the identification of their building needs namely, new construction, renovations, while keeping the maintenance operations of public works buildings;
  5. establishes quotes and get prices so that directors can prepare their budgets;
  6. prepares reports and holds registers on maintenance schedules, costs, invoices, fuel oil consumption and gas, etc.;
  7. monitors the relevant departmental expenses and provides its greater relationship on the explanation of deviations.

eligibility requirements

  • hold a specialized college diploma such as building mechanics and civil engineering;
  • be a technologist in good standing of the professional technologists of Quebec;
  • hold a valid driver's license (class 5).


  • have a minimum of five (5) years of experience including at least two (2) years in management or team coordination allowing the holder to become familiar with The responsibilities of the function.

Other requirements

Knowledge :

  • Building facilities;
  • Basic construction projects;
  • of the two languages ​​(French, English) spoken and written.

Skills and skills

  • to manage personnel;
  • to coordinate various works;
  • to have a Good sense of judgment;
  • analytical and synthesis spirit;
  • to resolve conflicts and problems.

Work schedule

  • Provide rotation with other superintendents, availability to work in the evening and the weekend (on call) to respond to any emergency (24h / 24h, 7 days / Week).

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