Technical Coordinator - Audiovisual Postproductions

October 11, 2019

Technical Coordinator - Audiovisual Postproductions (Technical coordinator - audiovisual postproductions)

Description: The position of technical coordinator is to plan, prepare and coordinate post-production audio projects. of the company. Among other things, it requires the exchange, shaping and processing of audio visual files used throughout the production process of video description and dubbing. This position requires autonomy, rigor and organization, as well as solid technical skills including generic software, basic skills in simple programming. Quickly dismount strong skills to use specific tools for the company and the industry. Ultimately, the selected resource will be called to deal directly with clients.

NOTE: Candidates for this position must be eligible for Emploi Québec's grant programs

Summary of tasks: Plan, prepare and coordinate the team's post-production audio projects. Exchange and process audiovisual files. • Manage the production schedule and schedule projects • Coordinate the authors' schedule according to the schedule of production • Receive audio and video files clients and transmit projects made via secure platforms • Convert audio and video files between various formats • Prepare projects: searches, media calibration, validation of treatment results, cutting plans, positioning of replicas, etc. • Calibrate the sound levels of the tracks to mix and start the batch production of audio tracks • Perform the quality assurance tests of the completed projects • Record the status of projects in progress and completed • Generate and transmit the monthly production reports of each client • Prepare the monthly invoices of clients • Manage the archiving of projects in court s and perform recurring backups and purges • Abide by strict confidentiality, physical and computer security rules of the company • Perform other related duties.

> Requirement: Training or tangible experience in a related field: • Technical College Diploma (Canada) or Higher Technical Certificate (France): Sound Engineer, Publishing, Management; • University certificate or diploma in administration, project management, data management; or • 3 years experience in audio or video post-production

Qualifications: • Bilingual French and English (sufficient level to communicate with clients - oral and written) > • Superior skills in computer and office automation (Excel, Word). • Basic programming skills such as the use of simple routines (command lines, batch files), simple programming (Excel macro, simple command lines ) • Interest or technical knowledge in audio postproduction (eg ProTools, Reaper, ffmpeg) would be an asset. • Rigor, and great autonomy in his work; ability to organize and structure production, increased sense of responsibility • Confidentiality and discretion

Conditions: • Place of work: Metro PARC (blue line) • Status: Permanent / Full-time • Salary: between 17 and 19 $ / h, depending on experience • Probationary period of 3 months • Date of entry into office : 2019-10-25 • Charge: 35 to 40 hours per week, depending on production volumes • Schedule: week, flexibility in the range of 8:00 and 17:00.

About us: ServicesTechnoleads Inc. is a start-up that serves 3 dynamic segments of the entertainment industry: audio-visual, animation and video games. Its flagship is elokutio ™, a new wave video description service that makes media accessible to people with visual impairments. For us, films and TV shows are first analyzed by a series of algorithms derived from artificial intelligence. The relevant elements are thus identified and contextualized before our authors start their work. They can focus on creating dynamic scripts with which the audience can connect. Audio tapes are recorded in the studio by professionals using patented tools. We also offer the latest synthesizer voice option.

Please note that the masculine is used for the sole purpose of lightening the text Only successful candidates will be contacted.

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