Technician - Electricity

August 05, 2022

The city of Laval is not just 3rd largest city of Quebec is 433 municipal buildings , including 1hôtel de ville, 7 municipal garages, 1 Builder serving as headquarters, 6 police stations, 1 gendarmerie post, 1 building assigned to public security, 9 fire barracks, 1 municipal courtyard, 46 community centers, 10 libraries, 10 arenas, 20 swimming pools, 16 waders, 7 water play parks, several permanent parks chalets as well as pumping stations with buildings.

The service of buildings, parks and public spaces needs your expertise As:

Technician (ne) s Building - Electricity

temporary position

The challenges awaiting you:

The city of Laval is to deploy an inventory and identification project of electromechanical, architectural and safety equipment of its real estate park. This large -scale project will be deployed in a few phases over several years and will have the objective of acquiring the technical data necessary for the management of electromechanical equipment of city buildings. These precious information will facilitate preventive maintenance of real estate infrastructure.

In this context, here is the role you will be called to play:

you will have to do various technical work concerning Preventive maintenance programs, inventory and identification of electromechanical equipment;

in particular, you will have to develop and write inspection reports, carry out various technical research, coordinate and carry out visits to the sites , Validate the compliance of the electrical diagrams, validate maintenance programs, participate in the quality insurance of documentation as well as the resolution of technical issues.

the profile Wanted:

  • College studies diploma (DEC) in Industrial electronics technology ;
  • thirty (30) months of relevant experience ;
  • rigor, resourceful and excellent capacity nalysis;
  • Skilky admitted for the concern of health and safety at work;
  • Driving license valid and have a car ;
  • ASP Construction card.

work schedule: 4 days a week for a Total of 33 hours.

salary offered : from $ 64,162.37 to $ 98,711.35 per year

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