Technicians and technicians in building mechanics electromechanical sector and energy management

June 12, 2020

The Montreal School Board (CSDM) has more than two billion dollars worth of real estate for which an ambitious repair and renovation program has been put in place. In fact, as part of its plan to increase construction projects, it invests more than $ 300 million annually in the rehabilitation, expansion of its buildings, and the construction of new schools. It also implements various programs affecting, among other things, energy efficiency, accessibility to buildings for the disabled, soil rehabilitation and air quality.

To find out more , consult the sections The CSDM and living environment and on the website of the CSDM.

The CSDM is looking for two technicians in building mechanics for its electromechanical sector and energy management at the Material Resources Service.

The person holding this position performs technical work, in particular on the operation of equipment falling under the building mechanic. More specifically, he or she:

  • Checks and maintains the pneumatic, electrical and electronic controls of the heating, ventilation and refrigeration systems.
  • Performs new installations of digital controllers : design, ordering of parts, installation, networking, programming, start-up, calibration, adjustment, layout and delivery of documents.
  • Identifies faults affecting the systems; determines the causes using measuring instruments and makes the necessary repairs or changes, reports them according to the instructions received.
  • Solves problems with the operation of systems by analyzing the control sequences (programming).
  • Modify or combine devices to meet specific needs; determines the parts to be used taking into account the costs and performance of the devices and orders them if necessary.
  • Carries out inspections and if necessary performs tests required to ensure the quality of the work carried out by outside firms and submits a report to his immediate superior.
  • Verifies the connection points at the Central Office for Energy Conservation; reports the anomalies encountered.
  • Creates, corrects and updates the graphical operation interfaces.
  • Participates with team members (engineers, foremen and electronics technicians -informatics) in the development of policies and the application of the Commission's programs in the field of energy saving.
  • Participates, with the members of the team, in the identification technical problems and the search for solutions, taking into account the priorities and objectives of the Central Office for Energy Conservation.
  • Studies and proposes energy conservation programs to his immediate superior; applies or enforces them when approved. Refers problems related to energy saving programs to his immediate supervisor and, if necessary, makes recommendations.
  • Trains and supervises less experienced technicians and, if necessary, supports others trades involved in electromechanical systems.
  • Performs, on request, any other task related to its function.

As an employer, the CSDM offers you:

  • Stimulating and dynamic work environment.
  • Work schedule is Monday to Friday (35 hours / week).
  • Continuing education program.
  • Very attractive pension fund.
  • Group insurance (medication, life, dental, etc.).
  • Sickness and personal affairs days
  • Six (6) weeks of vacation per year school and several holidays.
  • Several employee discounts (eyewear, transportation, physical activities, computer equipment, reading, etc.)
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