Workplace Health and Safety Advisor

October 01, 2019

Under the authority of the Chief of Operations, the Occupational Health and Safety Advisor assesses and controls health and safety hazards in order to develop strategies for controlling these hazards. To do this, the person develops, implements and evaluates the compliance of health and safety programs and practices for the company.

  • Develop and implement prevention programs and tools to ensure compliance of corporate practices in health and safety;
  • Plan, organize, coordinate and control all activities related to the prevention of accidents and occupational injuries on the site;
  • Train and advise management, team leaders and staff on the interpretation of current health and safety programs, policies, standards and regulations, and other information services, such as the Employee Assistance Program;
  • Inspect workplaces to ensure equipment, materials and production processes are safe for the safety of employees. employee health and safety,
  • Ensure the day-to-day management of health and safety by coordinating instructions and site-specific safety measures with the provisions of the Code and making them respect,
  • Coordinate actions when an emergency occurs, investigate incidents / accidents and follow up on recommendations;
  • Ensure that every worker knows the risks related to his work by welcoming all the workers on site and organizing and holding health and safety breaks and site meetings as required by the CNESST;
  • Assist and receive recommendations during security committees.

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